The Healing Time Podcast is here to help you on your healing journey. We believe that the time for healing is now! God wants to heal you, and we want to help you to both recognize and to receive this healing that is available to you.


Once upon a time two friends sat down and pondered on the thought of doing a podcast that could help people to heal. These friends were troubled by the condition of brokenness they saw all around them. They not only saw this brokenness, but they also experienced it in their own life journeys. As a result, the Healing Time Podcast was established to address this critical issue of brokenness. Join us, and let’s explore, expose and defeat brokenness through the love, wisdom and power of Jesus Christ.

About the Hosts

Rev. Jermaine James

Jermaine knows from personal experience what it means to be broken and to be healed. As a counselor and youth prison Chaplain for many years, he has worked with numerous persons on their healing journey. Jermaine is a frank Bible teacher who believes the time for healing is now.

Rev. Orlando Rowe

Mr Rowe brings to you a wealth of experience on the issue of brokenness. He has even written a book about it. Orlando believes that Brokenness can make us quite vulnerable, yet it can also put us in the most fluid of positions to be changes.”

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